Linda Lee Harper

Selected Works

My short story "Another Pittsburgh Story" should resonate for anybody familiar with the hills and bus routes of Pittsburgh, or any city really.
The poems in Linda Lee Harper's SMALL WAVES are technically adept and clever, --a pleasure, and that alone would justify the collection. They tell the truth about our lives--presentments of aging, unexpected desires--but tell it appealingly slant as Miss Dickinson suggests.
This is a terrific book of poems... and I am thrilled to be supervising its publication.
--Michael Dumanis, Director of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center
...a poet of exquisite wit, dark humor and trustworthy insight.
--Susan Ludvigson, author of Everything Winged Must Be Dreaming, To Find the Gold
Two Pushcart Nominations

Driving Out

Road Kill

Luminous as an unclouded mile,
asphalt stretches out in August
an endless gurney in a state-of-the-art
morgue where ghosts congregate,
swap endings.
Lonesome as fire must be,
unable to hold anything close for long
but itself, this highway sings lullabies
to sleepy drivers, hums dirges
you can hear if you roll down
your window as you streak by what lies
disemboweled and shimmery
under tires you under-inflated
at Leonard's Last Chance Garage.
Your bed will hold you tonight
or some bed, and you'll wake
up in a hot sweat still dreaming
the open road labyrinthine as
endless hunger, your need
for the radio, loud and mindless,
invisible as guilt.