Linda Lee Harper

Selected Works

My short story "Another Pittsburgh Story" should resonate for anybody familiar with the hills and bus routes of Pittsburgh, or any city really.
The poems in Linda Lee Harper's SMALL WAVES are technically adept and clever, --a pleasure, and that alone would justify the collection. They tell the truth about our lives--presentments of aging, unexpected desires--but tell it appealingly slant as Miss Dickinson suggests.
This is a terrific book of poems... and I am thrilled to be supervising its publication.
--Michael Dumanis, Director of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center
...a poet of exquisite wit, dark humor and trustworthy insight.
--Susan Ludvigson, author of Everything Winged Must Be Dreaming, To Find the Gold
Two Pushcart Nominations

Small Waves, Finishing Line Press (2009)

Out on the water

there are no arbors, no orchards
floating like a miracle in the waves.
There are no such things as water pecans,
lake peaches or apple fish sweet as, well,
as apples crisp as a Macintosh's white pulp.

What the water fives froth like boiling lace;
wake behind boats, jet skis knee-boarders,
relief the sun begrudges even as it burns
away evening cool, mosquito lairs soon
a warm soup perfect as a silk bed

for what makes sense to do in a silk
bed, sleep and the gymnastics of love.
What the lake gives back after it steals
color from clouds and night, won't fit
in a pocket or poem, so I'll stop now,

and let you imagine a boat, the lake, sky
and you somewhere in there, singing about trees.